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Whitening Treatments

You can change the color of your natural tooth enamel and whiten spots or discolorations caused by food or age, or teeth that have been obscured as a result of injuries.

We use WHITEsmile ® all-inclusive whitening systems.  WHITEsmile ® is one of the first companies in Europe that specialized in the production of tooth whitening products. Their materials are a result of their own R&D and "Made in Germany". All of the materials are clinically tested and certified medical devices.


Our system gives the dentist the opportunity to utilize various whitener levels. The system protocol includes the use of a mercury metal halide light to enhance the whitening effect.


The whitening light is capable of illuminating all of the teeth being treated (both upper and lower) simultaneously, minimizing the duration of the treatment.  Our whitening system treatments usually take about 90 minutes from start to finish.

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