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We have one strategically located dental office in Costa Rica. It is in San Jose's prestigious suburb of La Sabana. 

Our dental office are close to the airport, US Embassy Consulate, US Ambassador’s residence and many amenities and facilities to stay, eat, shop, etc. You will also be close to many tourist attractions in the central valley.

We have modern dental equipment for patients, such as computerized imaging of X-Rays and treatment explanations, special googles for watching movies during the dental treatment, air conditioning, air filters, ADA and FDA approved sterilizing systems (autoclaves) and a large parking lot.

torre universal_nueva ubicación .png
Office in La Sabana: 

Torre Universal 

🇺🇸 (+1) 954-903-0514 

🇨🇷 (+506) 2290-2121

(from USA dial 011 and then the phone number).


(+506) 8573 6857

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